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JavaOne 2012 – Technical sessions

While trying to find information about technical sessions presented in JavaOne 2011 and earlier I noticed there was surprisingly little details available. Many of the results I got from googling were pointing to the JavaOne 2012 site or the links were broken. So, even though it’s been a while since the conference, I thought I’d post some notes about the themes for historical reference.

The technical sessions (487) were classified in the following tracks:

  • Core Java Platform (146 sessions)
  • Development Tools and Techniques (212 sessions)
  • Emerging Languages on the JVM (44 sessions)
  • Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud (112 sessions)
  • Java EE Web Profile and Platform Technologies (123 sessions)
  • Java ME, Java Card, Embedded, and Devices (62 sessions)
  • JavaFX and Rich User Experiences (70 sessions)

The numbers were from Oracle’s Schedule builder application.

Some of the hot topics in JavaOne 2012 were thin server architecture, REST, HTML 5, NoSQL, data grids, big data, polyglot, mobile web and cloud. There was also a lot of interest on next big things on the Java platform roadmap, especially Java SE 8 (Lambdas) and Java EE 7 related talks.

In addition to the new and exciting topics, the evergreen topics such as troubleshooting and optimization (esp. garbage collection), scalability, parallellism, design and design patterns seemed to draw a lot of attention.


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